GREEN SHIPPING SUMMIT – Fourth session – Naples Shipping Week


Technological innovations, organizational best practices, new fuels for the energy and environmental efficiency of maritime transport and ports

Fourth Session
Green Shipping: sustainability as a lever of development between business and logistics

Friday, 28th September

2 p.m – 3.30 p.m
Sala Calipso, The Maritime Station Congress Center, Naples


The issues relating to a reduction of the environmental impact of sea freight carriage throughout the world are of great importance when considering measures to render port industrial and service activities more environmentally sustainable.

On a global level new technological solutions and general organization practices are on the increase, and this allows – on the one hand – an evaluation of the impact of the cargo transportation and handling sectors and – on the other – the promotion of concrete initiatives relating to energy efficiency.

The round table will involve various protagonists from the port sector, terminal operators, ship owners, logistics operators, technological providers, public policy-makers and think-tanks who will testify as to how the sector is preparing itself and which “best practices” are underway in Italy and in Europe.

The Speakers will discuss a shift in attitude to convert what are still seen, even now, as regulatory constraints (IMO regulations, European directives) into opportunities for the competitiveness of the maritime/port sectors. The European Union finances many projects to this end and there are many international companies which have adopted green policy; however, with respect to other segments of the market (for example, urban logistics), the port sector has a great deal of room for improvement.

In meeting this challenge big data, the internet of things, represent a valid instrument in the development of systems for monitoring and predicting, and it is important that the various categories of port operators be guaranteed simple access to complex information, with more rapid response times in regard to critical issues for workers and environment. However, unless the personnel present on the wharf/involved in the carriage are genuinely involved and without some technical capability on the part of port policy makers (private and public), there is a serious risk of stalling the achievement of the European objectives.

Welcome greatings

Daniela Aresu, President Wista Italy, Maritime Lawyer in Cagliari

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, President Wista International and CEO, Tototheo Maritime

Round table


Daniele Testi, President, SOS Logistica

“Green Efforts” and the role of port terminals
Raffaella Del Prete, Wista Partner and Manager, Terminal Reefer of Vado Ligure

“Green Ports”
Massimo Deiana, President, Port System Authority of Sardinia

Claudia Marcolin, Wista partner and CEO, DBA Lab

The “Green Shipowners”: Necessity or virtue
Manuela Bottiglieri, Manager Legal Department, Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company



3:30 p.m. Conclusion

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