GREEN SHIPPING SUMMIT – Second session – Naples Shipping Week


Technological innovations, organizational best practices, new fuels for the energy and environmental efficiency of maritime transport and ports

Second Session
Development of Green Ports for the transformation of port areas into productive districts seeking Zero emissions:

  • International experiences in comparison
  • Smart solutions to reduce emissions in port and improve the air quality in port cities

In collaboration with Assoporti

Thursday, 27th September

2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Sala Perseide, The Maritime Station Congress Center, Naples


Most national ports are located close to heavily urbanized areas whose ecological balance is at great risk. The emissions of ships and port facilities contribute, despite compliance with environmental regulations, to the deterioration of air quality. Yet, technological innovations, based on the digital integration of specific energy and environmental solutions, would offer competitive mitigation opportunities, provided that the environmental benefits they provide find a fair form of recognition in infrastructural decisions and operational choices.
The tendency to reduce environmental impacts is also a pre-requisite and a great ally for the development and consolidation of port waterfront redevelopment projects.

This conference intends to present:

  • Emerging technologies and innovative solutions to effectively implement ambitious environmental objectives in ports, in compliance with the criteria of efficiency and competitiveness required by operators.
  • Some emerging experiences related to the redevelopment of port waterfront as hinges of the ecological sea-port-city balance.

A final round table, with the participation of the Port System Authorities, intends to present the plans in the medium term and the pilot projects in progress, to discuss the main intervention options aimed both at reducing environmental impacts and developing new redevelopment projects of port spaces.

Main Topics

  • Perspective of a circular economy for the sea-port-city system
  • Development of the LNG infrastructure network
  • Energy supply from renewable sources
  • Reduction of CO2-equivalent emissions into the atmosphere
  • Electric mobility within port areas
  • Low consumption public lighting / redevelopment of buildings
  • Technologies for the electrification of the docks and for the connection of ships in port


Afternoon Session

Chairman: Chairman: Francesco Mariani, Secretary, Assoporti

Welcome greatings

Arturo Faraone, Admiral, Port Authorities
Francesco Cimmino
, Captain of Vessel, Port Authorities

Tomaso Cognolato, CEO, Terminal Napoli

Opportunities for a really Green Port
Giuseppe Di Luca, Environmental Manager, Port System Authority of Western Ligurian Sea

Denis Vukorepa, Executive Director, Port of Rijeka Authority

Towards a zero emission challenging goal. How to get there, an Oceanic Awakening”
Giampiero De Cubellis, GM, Sales Support  Develop. & Projects, Area Sales Support & Development, Wärtsilä

Shore-to- shippower and smart ports- Creating Stronger, Smarter and Greener port Grids
Filippo Passante, Market Development Manager, ABB 

Vojko Kocijan, Head of Development and Project Department, Port of Rijeka Authority

Damen’s green solutions for harbour services and the digital transformation of towage business
Antonio Marte, Sales Manager Europe, Damen Shipyards

Dirk Degroote, Product Manager Tugs, Damen Shipyards

LNG & New Regulations
Valeria Mangiarotti, Director – Sustainability Environmental Issues, MedCruise

Stefania Radoccia, Italian Law Leader, EY
Mattia Riccardo Petrillo, Associated partner, head of energy and infrastructure, EY

Co-Chairman: Umberto Masucci, National President, The International Propeller Clubs
Alberto Quarati, Journalist, Il Secolo XIX/The Meditelegraph


Carla Roncallo, President, AdsP Eastern Ligurian Sea

Francesco Maria di Majo, President, AdsP Central-Northern Tyrrhenian Sea

Sergio Prete, President, AdsP Ionian Sea

Zeno D’Agostino, President, AdsP East Adriatic Sea

Rodolfo Giampieri, President, AdsP Central Adriatic Sea

Pietro Spirito, President, AdSP of Central Tyrrhenian Sea

Paolo Emilio Signorini, President, AdsP Western Ligurian Sea

Pino Musolino, President, AdsP North Adriatic Sea

Daniele Rossi, President, AdsP Nothern-Central Adriatic Sea

Ugo Patroni Griffi, President, AdsP Southern Adriatic Sea

Stefano Corsini, President, AdsP Nothern Tyrrhenian Sea


Edoardo Rixi, Vice Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport


6 p.m. Conclusion