GREEN SHIPPING SUMMIT – Third session – Naples Shipping Week


Technological innovations, organizational best practices, new fuels for the energy and environmental efficiency of maritime transport and ports

Third Session
The development of the national LNG supply chain and the emerging technologies for reducing the sulfur content

Friday, 28th September

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sala Perseide, The Maritime Station Congress Center, Naples


The last May the PIR Group announced that started with his partner Edison the working of LNG terminal in Ravenna. Caronte-Tourist will receive from turkish shipyard Sefine the first two-way dual fuel Italian ferry.

That are two clear sign of how, after years of debates, conferences and team work, something is really moved in that standstill scenario.

Directive 2012/33 / EU has made new amendments to Directive 1999/32 / EC substantially aligning the limits of European legislation with those imposed by Annex VI to MARPOL 73/78.

Therefore, from 1st january 2020 limits will reduce:

  • 50% global
  • 0,1% in ports and ECA areas

There will be a simplification, in some respects, but it seems that the fuel with a content of 0.5%, whose characteristics are being defined in ISO (no longer talking about residue but rather of a heavy distillate, we need large plants of de-sulfurization, which need a lot of hydrogen, metals and asphaltenes must be eliminated) will have a higher cost.

For some time we have been talking about treatment plants (scrubbers), but only recently have some companies strategically focused on this solution, facing in depth the problems related to their use – not least that of wastewater and sludge.

The LNG speech is always actual and we must also take note of important initiatives in both national and international arms.

The conference provides for the reports of the administrations most involved in the development of LNG; the state of the art of the market and of the LNG supply chain technologies for maritime use will be presented, the main infrastructural projects under construction and the evaluations / strategies of the shipping companies interested in investing in LNG vessels.

A final round table, with the participation of the most interested political representatives and trade associations, will be dedicated to the discussion on the evaluations / strategies of the shipping companies.

Main Topics

  • LNG market for marine use (LNG / oil prices, availability and costs of low sulfur oil marine fuels in the post-2020 scenario, convenience of the sulphur scrubber option);
  • The technologies and the means of the cryogenic supply chain and of the fumes treatment plants (scubber)
  • Ongoing projects for supply, storage and distribution infrastructures
  • Projects, initiatives and evaluations of shipping companies

Conference Registration

CHAIRMAN: Alberto Moroso, President, ATENA


Mauro Coletta, Directorate General for the supervision of port authorities, port infrastructures and maritime transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

The Italian Navy Green Fleet
Pasquale Tripodi, Commander, Italian Navy

LNG: Assogasliquidi’s commitment in the development of supply and logistic chain
Francesco Franchi, President, Federchimica – Assogasliquidi

Lorenzo Matacena, President Technical Management of Vessels and Environment, Confitarma and President, Caronte & Tourist

LNG Propulsion (technological innovations and best practices)
Ida Montanaro, Lieutenant Commander, Port Authorities



By leading companies in the sector

Towards 100% of renewables. Wärtsilä in the LNG supply chain
Marco Golinelli, Director Energy Solutions, Wärtsilä Italy

The EGCS technology: evolution, achievements and developments
Alberto Di Cecio, Marine Operations Manager, Ecospray Technologies

LNG Ready The stakholders engagement
Antonio de Feo, Business & Solutions Development Manager, BUREAU VERITAS

Venice LNG for a sustainable future: an LNG coastal storage in Porto Marghera
Gianluigi Triboldi, CEO, DECAL and President, Venice LNG

Bunkering solution and LNG supply chain best practices & lesson learnt

Sara Evangelisti, Resp. R&D, Gas and Heat



By the shipping companies and Port System Authorities

Franco Porcellacchia, Vice President, Carnival Corporation & Plc

Enrico Allieri, Assarmatori

Alberto Portolano, Energy Saving Dept. – Technical Dept., Grimaldi Group

Fabio Faraone, Secretary Technical Management of Vessels and Environment, Confitarma

1 p.m. Conclusion


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