SMART PORT & LOGISTIC – Naples Shipping Week


Strengthening of the logistic corridors, intermodality, digitalization of the new port systems and development of ZES in Italy

Session in collaboration with Campania Region


The Italian Government has launched a series of measures aimed at revitalizing the competitiveness of the Sea System to implement the National Strategic Plan for Port and Logistics.

The digitization of maritime transport and port operations and the integration of shipping throughout the transport system have therefore become one of the priorities of the new national port reform which emphasizes the economic driving role played by intermodal transport corridors managed through ICT systems. interoperable that guarantee its fluidity.

Main Topics

  • Actions launched by the Government to relaunch the national port and logistics system
  • Evolution of the Port Community System: pilot projects launched in Italy
  • Digitization and interoperability of the port customs system
  • IT solutions and cutting-edge technologies for the development of intermodality and traceability of goods
  • SEZ as an opportunity for local development


First Session
Evolution of the national scenario. Projects and approaches for the development of the national port and logistics system

9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Sala Perseide, The Maritime Station Congress Center, Naples


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Welcome greating and opening session

Chairman: Domenico De Crescenzo, FEDESPEDI

Marco Bucci, Mayor, The Municipality of Genoa

Planning and programming to a new Port generation:the Calabria System
Francesco Russo, Vice President, Calabria Region

Smart Ports e National Maritime Single Windows (PMIS- collaboration between Customs and AdsP)
Domenico La Tella, Captain of Vessel (CP), Port Authorities

Pre-clearing: a tool fot the efficiency of ports
Giuseppe Aulicino, Captain of Vessel (CP), Port Authorities

Customs Authorities’ role for service of developing ports trafics
Alberto Libeccio, Inter–Regional Director for Campania and Calabria, The Customs and Monopolies Agency

Marco Ferretti, Professor of Corporate Strategy, University of Naples “Parthenope” and President, MAR.TE. Sea-land Logistics

 A strategic alliance of port and foreign trade communities for a better competitive economic operator : Case of Morocco
Jalal Benhayoun, CEO, PORTNET


Second Session
The connection between Ports, Logistics and Industry: the Special Economic Zones’ role

Session in collaboration with Campania Region


The event will recapitulate all that emerged about the SEZ topic in the Naples Shipping Week and will draw conclusions about the realization of the Special Economic Zones in the regions of Southern Italy and the decisions to make them definitively operational.


11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Sala Perseide, The Maritime Station Congress Center, Naples

Chairman: Alessandro Panaro, Head of Maritime & Mediterranean Economy Dept., SRM 


Antonio Marchiello, Campania Region


Francesco Tavassi, Vice Presidente, Unione Industriali di Napoli

Pietro Spirito, President, AdSP of Central Tyrrhenian Sea 

Arch. Antonio Dinetti

Roberta Esposito, Directorate General for Economic Development and Production Activities, Campania Region

Claudio Ricci, CEO, Interporto Campano

Francesco Pagni, Director Operations, Interporto Services

Giuseppe Romano, President, ASI Napoli


Sen. Andrea Cioffi, State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development

1 p.m. Conclusion